The Amato, Fox & Company, PC office is staffed with personnel experienced in all fields of taxation. One of the primary services performed by the tax department is minimizing clients' tax liabilities through effective planning.

This function is carried out by tax consultants who are CPA's with specialized backgrounds. We go beyond just tax preparation, we help clients plan for retirement and college, build wealth, protect their estates and watch over other areas of potential financial pitfalls.

Our personal services include:
      Retirement Planning
arrow IRA Audit Assistance
     arrow Assistance with Wills
arrow Refund Planning
     arrow College Planning
arrow Roth vs. Traditional IRA Analysis
     arrow Electronic Filing
arrow Tax Preparation
     arrow Estate Planning
arrow Trust Analysis
     arrow Federal Aid Preparation
arrow Wealth Building
     arrow Investment Analysis

Investment Planning...

A strong investment portfolio is important to build wealth for goal attainment. Whether its for retirement, education, vacations, or long-term financial security, investments and proper investment advice is critical.

Asset allocation varies by age and goals, and risk tolerance balanced with return must be properly matched to individual personalities. A free investment review is a phone call or "click" away- we can help....

Contact John F. Guido to discuss your needs.

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