The Amato, Fox & Company, PC, office has AICPA trained peer reviewers who provide peer reviews to CPA firms and sole practitioners.

Peer reviews are conducted by two Partners who collectively have over 70 years experience in public accounting and 20+ years experience conducting peer reviews.

Our services will help you maintain a quality practice, stay current, perfect your reports and maintain proper documentation for all areas of peer review.
Services delivered with care, competence and common sense.
Peer Review Services Include...

      arrow System Reviews for Firms that Conduct Audits
      arrow Engagement Reviews for Firms that Conduct Compilations and Reviews

Additional Services:
      Inspection of Service Areas
arrow Consultation Services
     arrow Quality Control Document Reviews
arrow Monitoring Compliance Reviews
     arrow Reviewing Engagements:
arrow Functional Area Reviews:
       arrow Planning
   arrow Leadership -"Tone-at-the-Top"
       arrow Risk Management
   arrow Ethical Requirements
       arrow Program Design
   arrow Acceptance if Engagements
       arrow Work Papers
   arrow Human Resources
       arrow Analytical Review
   arrow Engagement Performance
        Proper Documentation
        Reporting Requirements
Peer reviews conducted by Amato, Fox & Company, PC peer reviewers provide firms with assistance to staying in compliance with AICPA Professional Standards in Auditing and Reporting as well as documenting a quality performance in accordance with the firms Quality Control Document.

Firm-on Firm peer reviews help firms maintain "Best Practice" policies when conducting engagements and meets standards - all done with care, competence and COMMON SENSE.

Contact James J. Parkes III, CPA to discuss your needs.

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